RCM to replace c-tick

Further comprehensive information is available via the ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) website including details of the RCM symbol.

Suppliers must register with the authorities whether new (those that do not have a Supplier Code Number allocated) or existing although C-tick and A-tick can still be supplied beyond March 2016 until labelled stock has been exhausted.

The national database for supplier registration is jointly used by ACMA, ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council) and Radio Spectrum Management (New Zealand).

Devices that are labelled with an “overseas” compliance mark such as CE or FCC cannot automatically be lawfully supplied in Australia.

ACMA technical standards cover telecommunications, radio communications, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) from most electrical and electronic devices and EME (electromagnetic energy emissions) with a focus on health factors rather than the interference potential.


The ACMA is a government agency responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, the internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications. The ACMA’s responsibilities include:

promoting self-regulation and competition in the communications industry, while protecting consumers and other users

fostering an environment in which electronic media respect community standards and respond to audience and user needs

managing access to the radiofrequency spectrum

representing Australia ‘s communications interests internationally.